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Thomas Wally

Jusqu'à l'aurore


Mondrian Ensemble


Label: col legno

Release: June 12th, 2020


CD € 18,00

(€ 3,00 vat included)


shipping € 4,49


01 Caprice (2009)

02 transfiguration I (2008)

03 Les îles des nombres III (2x12x12x4) (2019)

04 transfiguration II (2008)

05 Soliloquy II: You made your excuses and left. (2017)

06 transfiguration III (2008)

07 ...jusqu'à l'aurore... Caprice (IV) bleu (2012)

08 transfiguration IV (2008)

09 Postscriptum (2x11x12): The Melancholy of Perfection(ism) (2016)

(total time: 67:15)


[…] All the works on this disc have another thing in common: beneath the surface, vividly shaped by often powerful gestures – that layer of primary, principally audible information – hides a carefully assembled wealth of ideas. It is an artful, but never artificial music. It allows for many things, without ever becoming indiscriminate. Wally himself speaks of composing as “hard work”, but he also mentions the “almost childlike joy of playing with the material; an ultimately very positive underlying emotion.” His music allows us to experience both and, depending on your subjective response to it, dear listener, probably much more still. You might, therefore, want to lend your ears to these recordings not just for a first listening, but several repeat listenings. You will not regret it!

(Dieter Ammann, First Listener's Note)


October 12th, 2020: Capriccio (III) giocoso, crudele e un poco amabile

Dorotheerkirche, Vienna

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